Learn skill from all class and from our custom NPC

Custom Items

Custom Items

Custom Armors, Weapons, Jewels, Tattos, Talismans, Cloaks and much more

Custom Locations

Custom Locations

Custom Locations - Orbis Temple, Garden of Genesis, Windmill, Fairy Settlement


Official start time its 15.12.2017 at 19:00 CET

Server Rates: Normal: Premium:
XP/SP 0,5 1
Party Bonus 1,5 1,5
Quest XP/SP 1 2
Drop/Spoil Chance 1 2
Drop/Spoil Amount 1 1
Manor 3 3
Adena 1 2
Seal Stone 1 2
Raid Boss 1 1

What you can look forward to:

Main and Subclass max 85 lvl
Unlimited buff slots
Unlimited skills on your characters
Auction House - Sell or Buy items for adena or custom currency
Bounty Hunter NPC - Set bounty on someone head
Antibot system - Check other players against botting with report button
Antibuff shield - Protection against over-buff from other players
All class can equip all Dye+12 and -12
GM-Shop with basic items
Daily Reward
NPC for remove unused skills
Custom Community Board
Custom Certification Skills
Access to catacombs and necropolis at any time
Custom Armors/Weapons
Max level 120
Custom Farm areas

Custom Skills:

You can learn all skill from other class
Dance/Totems/Magical-Psychical Mirror/Frenzy its usable with all weapon
Frenzy/Zealot/Angelic icon without restrictions on low HP
Crystallization and Crafting available for all class
Counter Critical have Magic Critical damage
Frenzy +25% Matk
Ogre +30% Matk

Enchant Rates:

Safe +3
Full Safe +4
Max Dynamic - Depending on item grade
Normal Scroll 66%
Blessed Scroll 70%
Divine Scroll 100%

Skill learn example:

If you are Gladiator thats mean you are fighter so if you want learn skill from other fighter class you will need 2x more, but if you want learn skill from mage class you will need 3x more.

Custom Items:

Olf-T Shirt with custom bonus
Custom Belts
Custom Tattoos - Just hold them in the inventory
Custom Bracelets
Custom Agathions
Custom GrandBoss Jewels


1st, 2nd and 3rd without quest's
Certification skills without quest
Sublass without quest
Nobless with quest's or buy in GM-Shop


Zaken: 2-9 ppl
Frintezza: 2-9 ppl
Freya: 2-9 ppl
Freya Hard: 2-9 ppl
Tiat: 2-9 ppl
Beleth: 2-9 ppl

RaidBoss and GrandBoss

All RaidBoss have custom Stats depending on LvL, max 5x than retail
All GrandBoss have 5x Stats

Valakas 36h + 12h
Antharas 36h + 12h
Baium 36h + 12h
Orfen 24h + 2h
Core 24h + 2h
Queen Ant 24h + 2h


Custom dynamic stats depending on LvL.
Mobs +80 have bigger boost to stats than lower
All mobs drop Farm Coin, Agathion Soul, Rune