Thank you all, the amazing players that you haven’t lost your trusts to us. 100% Lags are fixed. Server work at 100% now.

New Forum

We added forum to our website for easier comunication between L2 Hesidos Team and players.
You can find it at this link.

New Hosting

Since today we have our own hosting, so you have to download a new patch bud in rar or via updater

New Updater

We added to our download section new updater, for an easier spread of our patch.

Visitors Counter and Vote Banner

Today we added new visitors counter to our website and
vote banner to l2network for our game server.

Have a nice day dear players

Grand Opening 28/7/2017 at 18:00

We hope you will honor us with your visit on our new server


Hello everyone, today 23.7 at 20:00 will start the PvP beta test, everything in the store will be free. We want joint forces to adjust the balance of characters. PvE Beta Test soon will be after character setting.